Romance Inspired Fragrance/Diffuser Oil

Romance Inspired Fragrance/Diffuser Oil
These Charming Scented Creations fragrances that are inspired by passion. This section of scents are created to inspire romance. Being romantic with another is absolutely FANTASTIC. However I am also a big fan of romancing self. A philosophy I continue to work on is LOVING SELF first. Don't forget to set time to romance self. When you do that it enhances Loving someone else so much more. Using Charming Scented Creations scented oils is a wonderful way of setting the mood for romance. Household Fragrance Oils are great for pouring into a Oil Burner Dish, refreshing potpourri, sachets, lamp rings, refreshing your car & kitchen. This oil is not designed to be applied directly on the skin. Questions are more than welcome. If you would like a fragrance that is not listed or blended (customized) just for you, please just let me know. This version is not to be confused with the original. The description is to give the customer an idea of scent, not to mislead the customer or infringe on any manufactures, designers name and valuable trademark.
$3.00 1 oz.

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